God The Father - Changing The Way Christians Spread His Name

god the father brand overview

Sharing the gospel today is much harder than it was in the past. Many people aren’t keen on being told how to live their life in a society that is so based on self-centeredness, so talking about Jesus can be more than just touchy. Thankfully, there is a brand in existence that makes this conversation much easier to transition into. God The Father Apparel is a Christian clothing brand that makes high-quality streetwear that not only looks good but sparks discussion about the Lord. They sell unisex tees, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, beanies, and hats that are made with eco-friendly fabric and aren’t made in a sweatshop. Not only that, but they are incredibly passionate about giving back to the Christian community. Ten percent of their proceeds go out to different churches around the country and to World Vision, a non-profit organization that is fighting to stop violence against children. I love where their heart is and I can’t wait to see God bless them in their venture to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! They understand how hard it is to share God’s word and the gospel. It can be awkward and confrontational, but their clothes can start the conversation for you.

My favorite thing about the brand is their easy-to-wear approach with the neutral tones and comfortable style. I don’t know about you, but I aspire to be comfortable at all times, so my go-to’s are definitely the sweatshirts. Christian clothing doesn’t have to lack style and efficiency, and that is something God The Father offers effortlessly. They state on their website that they want to spread the Gospel in an “efficient, yet subtle, way,” and they do just that while also giving consumers an efficient, yet subtle, style. Think the Yeezy vibes without the holes and insanely high prices. They want to reach so many different demographics with this brand in order to share the gospel. On their website they share the importance of non-verbal communication and how clothing is a language all by itself, and I couldn’t agree more. Think of the impact fashion has had on the world going back centuries. What we wear speaks volumes about who we are, whether it’s intentional or not. But with God The Father, it’s intentional and it’s meant to change the narrative on how Christians inform others about the Truth with a capital T. So, get to shoppin’ on godthefatherapparel.com and buy your conversation piece today. You are a small piece of a big puzzle that, once put together, brings attention to the Way, the Truth, and the Life: God the Father.


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